DIY Fixes For Your Apartment: How To Replace a Light Switch With a Dimmer

A dimmer is a win-win-win situation: it enables a range of light to play with, helps the environment by conserving electricity, and lowers your electric bill.

To begin, make sure your light bulbs can be dimmed, which should be stated in the packaging. If you have incandescent or halogen bulbs, you’re good to go. However, most modern, low-wattage bulbs — such as compact fluorescents or LEDs — cannot be dimmed. A few compact fluorescent bulbs are dimmable but generally have a very limited light gradient and tend to hum. Recent LED light bulbs are more likely to be dimmable, but they require a specific kind of dimmer due to their lower wattage, said Nathaniel Garber, owner of Garber Hardware, a family-run hardware store standing since 1884.

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By Rebecca Ngu

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